Enterprise Solutions, Projects...

New and Future

Our focus sectors are Health, Energy, Aviation, and Business

Our trained manpower and experience in these sectors create a synergy that enables us to exceed our customersa€? expectations. We are specialists in the sector and we offer corporate solutions that our customers love!

  • Object and Service based solutions
  • Local and/or global solutions
  • Big Data & Decision Support

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Our state-of-the-art office and infrastructure, combined with our commitment to up-to-date standards, ensure that our human resources are operating at their very best!

From analysis to design, from production to delivery, we recreate all processes with a professional approach and an amateur spirit. Each day is exciting, and we love the challenge of making each customer's experience unique.

  • Suitable Infrastructure
  • High Level Standards
  • Amateur spirit, professional approach a€“ ita€?s a winning combination!

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Forty times we think, and then we do it! (Turkish Proverb)...

We're going to create user-friendly project outputs with subject mastery, analysis with a future-oriented approach, design compatible with constantly changing conditions, coding in accordance with standards, and tests performed with care. And we're going to make sure that all of our user-friendly project outputs are top-notch!

  • Domain Competence
  • Accurate Analysis and Flexible Design
  • Development in accordance with Standards
  • Real Test

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Services Offered

We're sorry to say that we don't currently offer our services in all areas of the digital world....

Web base solutions

We are proud to develop cutting-edge business software. We also produce services for our customers who want to work on a project-based basis, giving them the flexibility to work in a way that suits them best.

Specific Areas

We're thrilled to offer solution services to complex jobs that require a combination of knowledge and experience to produce solutions.

Quick solutions

We produce solutions that will enable us to surpass today's pace, not just keep up with it. This is how we can realise efficient projects and make a real difference!


We are thrilled to offer our experience and knowledge in this field as a consultancy service to institutions and structures that need a complete, turnkey solution.


We are thrilled to offer our customers with complex processes and solutions integration services that will make their lives easier!


We're dedicated to keeping our customers happy! We're always there for them, 24/7, and we never stop producing and delivering for them.


Let us introduce you to our amazing team leaders!

Hamza KEND?°

Partner, CTO

He has been in IT and solution development for 20 years and he is really excited to bring his experience to this role!

??eref B?°NG?–L

Partner, CEO

Entrepreneur of many years. Now he's at the helm, leading the way!

?°lker SAPAN

Partner, CIO

Project & Team Lead - like a teacher.

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Arice Technology Ltd. (Arice Teknoloji Limited ??irketi)

Hacettepe Teknokent 3. Arge No:15 Beytepe Cankaya ANKARA T??RK?°YE


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